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Gabriella Vegvari

Telephone: 519.821.6423

My father was a stubborn man and he fought the cancer until the end. Two months after his death I took a photo of a rose, tinged by frost, still hanging on the end of a rosebush he had planted years earlier. I thought, 'just like Dad.' And then I decided to recreate the photo in glass. My journey with glass continues to this day. I realize I've inherited some of my father's stubborn streak as I work to overcome the challenges that most glass pieces seem to offer. There's always something to learn.

My focus is on creating original designs, and I love to experiment with pulling other elements, such as beach glass and brooch pins, into my pieces. A few years ago I gathered my bits and pieces of glass and thought I'd try my hand at mosaics. I've been hooked ever since. Time will tell where this journey is going to take me!

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